Add an ImageRebecca Dias, A Vesselhead

Rebecca Dias works on product and business planning projects for startups and big tech firms. Today she is working full-time for a small, privately held company based out of Austria, Automic Software, working with Fortune 2000 companies on business automation.

She has designed and driven product strategies for numerous emerging and global market changing products and technologies both nationally and internationally. Prior to Automic she built a social networking solution for K-12 school districts to revolutionize their learning management systems. She spent five years at Microsoft where she drove strategies that helped establish the Web services market and grow Microsoft’s enterprise management business by a billion dollars. She is more than just a business woman; her roots are in application development.

Her understanding of the nuts and bolts of technology contributes to her understanding of the big picture changes in the marketplace. Rebecca has written numerous strategies that have correctly identified business disruptions in the Cloud landscape and the smart mobile devices boom.

Outside of work, Rebecca has a passion for river kayaking and applies the metaphors of navigating through whitewater to the rapids of change in the world of technology. After her last startup, she went on a hiatus from technology for a year, traveling through South America. She lived in the jungles of Ecauador with the goal of becoming a class IV whitewater kayaker.

Rebecca has a real passion for life, and in fact has an equation built around that very thing. In her words