In a search to learn more about the Digital Wanderer, I have been  interviewing people on their habits and practices with mobile devices. This is one interview that I spent some time turning into a video. Below, I summarize the key takeaways which aides in watching the movie.
Gearld is a 34 yr old Boutique Hairstylist serving the Seattle Hipster scene. Watch this video if you are building solutions that target this demographic.

My Favorite Quotes

“I have a finite amount of energy, I put a lot more weight on actual interactions and actual reputation.” (In reference to social networking)
“I consider an iPad in the realm of an object of lust.”

Subtitled Text that Paraphrases Interview and Captures Key Points

  • His first computer was an iBook G4. It is now relegated to his studio as an MP3 player using an external terabyte hard-drive
  • He has never owned a Windows PC
  • He is technology aware and relies on the Cloud for his small business
  • He went from buying 5 to 1 apps per month after the novelty of the app store wore off
  • He learns about apps by word of mouth & articles he reads
  • He uses his MacBook for a bigger display and heavier processing for apps like GarageBand, Adobe, and Business CardReader
  • He has become price sensitive and is less likely to buy a new app for his MacBook Air. $60 seems like a lot for an app
  • Gerald does not use self scheduling apps, he uses texting for both his and his customer’s convenience.
  • Important Apps are on his home screen: Text, Mail, Calengoo, One Bus Away, Pandora, Skype
  • The rest is organized by folders or gets lost in the clutter. He deletes apps he deems as clutter before buying new ones
  • He saves money when he uses the iPhone for Guitar apps: tabs, tuning, metronome, chordBook, and emulation amp Kit
  • Gerald doesn’t use Twitter or Facebook outside of Pages
  • A loyal, close network takes time to build and obtain
  • As one person, social media takes too much time
  • As his business grows he plans to outsource the social engagement
  • He is wary of what¬†social media brings
  • Clients that come through systems like Yelp have different expectations that cause him more work
  • Gerald would buy a PC if he built a recording studio
  • While he plays with new technology and his ex had a Droid he can’t imagine switching unless Apple really screws up. It’s too much to learn
  • He doesn’t tether anymore – he doesn’t like losing his game scores.
  • But he feels tethering should be a part of his unlimited data
  • He doesn’t believe in paying for internet twice
  • He would move away from AT&T and Comcast if he could. Comcast’s 4G wireless device is broken & he can’t get support
  • Gerald prioritizes his discretionary spending between technology and guitars
  • He believe the iPad offers a solution that is right in between what his iPhone and MacBook provide
  • He’ll buy an iPad when the utility adds up to more than what he can get with his Air or iPhone
  • or after buying his bass guitar to keep up with the jones
  • He feels that iPad 3G contract is a rip off for him. He doesn’t want to pay for Internet three times

Note: Since completing this Interview, Gerald has finally fallen from the pressure and filled out his Facebook profile.