Random Thoughts:

* We listened, we asked, we responded, the tracks from last year will be merged into one.  Watch out for the call for papers for the Connected Systems Infrastructure (CSI) track.  Get scientific and break out those .NET Framework 2.0, Commerce Server, HIS, BizTalk, and Indigo bits if you are thinking about speaking.

* I am wearing my favorite consulting companies’ t-shirt tonight.  They made girl versions of their swag so that I would wear it.  And you know what, I will.  Too awesome.  If you want me to wear your swag, you had better start making your Ts with Classic Girl Large ;)-.  It’s a universally good size.   All the Tech Ed 04 shirts I made were the same. 

* Hong Kong, Singapore, and Tokyo are on the itinerary for the next couple of weeks.  And most importantly, San Jose to see my family.  My eldest brother Andy will be there from Morrocco.  We live in a global society, It is truly amazing.

* Awesome news from eBay today — More SOAP Calls On The Way.  In our continuing effort in support of SOAP, we will be releasing additional SOAP API calls later this month.