Watching the March Madness college basketball playoffs this past weekend on the iPhone 4, I noticed how flexible it was to stay on top of my favorite teams with who won and who lost to make the NCAA Sweet 16 tournament. 

It also made me realize that I was watching more televised news and events on the iPhone than I would normally do on the living room TV. The past few weeks, events of the Japan earthquake and college basketball games were spent viewing CNN and ESPN mobile apps. It’s remarkable to think that I didn’t have to watch a lot of mobile video commercials too, (when will mobile advertisers learn that repeated commercials suck, just show me once then move on!).

Nielsen measurement shows the same consensus, people are watching more and more video on their mobile devices and the trend is rising. Viewers watching mobile video increased by 43% over the same period last year and tuned in for an average of three hours and 37 minutes per month, an 11 percent increase year over year, ages 13 and above. (Nielsen Wire http://bit.ly/eqUOgp).

This doesn’t surprise me a bit. I’m a big advocate of not having to be home to watch 30 minutes of TV to get five minutes of what I want to really see. As more people see advantages of the mobile third screen, it’s got to be putting pressure on the CDN’s to keep the quality of service intact to deliver the content without latency. I would go as far to say that it’s a burden to manage all this traffic. To optimize the delivery, CDN’s are investing into Frontend Optimization (FEO) techniques and resources. (blog.streamingmedia.com http://bit.ly/gMLmCK). 

Add too, mobile video could be a major driver of NAND flash storage. Recently SanDisk identified mobile video driving their NAND based flash storage products. They expect storage capacity of mobile devices on smartphones and tablets to triple in the next four years. (Seeking Alpha http://bit.ly/hnQCQL) This also speaks to mobile storage in the recent Mobile Computing Disruption whitepaper http://bit.ly/f5Uljs.

The behaviors of viewing mobile video are changing-  disrupting our patterns on staying in touch and keeping informed through smartphones and tablets.

What is your view on mobile video? Are your viewing patterns starting to change? Before you turn out the night light before bed are you catching up on TV and events on CNN, ESPN and other mobile media apps? Please share what you watch and opinion.