If you are passionate about Education and live in Seattle, apply for a position at SynapticMash. We want talent!!! Email jobs@synapticmash.com.

Lead Graphic, Web, and UI Designer

  • Leader who is a fan of Edward Tufte, understands the human mind, is amazing at unfolding stories
  • Is passionate about social networking
  • Must have worked on complex Web-sites, knows intuitive Web page layout and site navigation
  • 5+yrs Illustrator and Flash
  • 2+yrs of XHTML with CSS
  • 1+yr JavaScript 1.5+
  • UI experience
  • Ruby on Rails exposure a plus

Junior Web Dev

  • Presentation, applications, network services and protocols
  • 2+yrs Ruby family, Python, Perl or Lisp family

Junior Server Devs

  • Distr systems (shared storage object space, data versioning/partitioning)
  • 2yr+ LISP family
  • 2yr+ meta-programming lang (Scheme, OCaml, Python)
  • 2yr+ C/C++
  • 2yr+ *nix scripting
  • Network protocols and distr systems
  • Familiar with LispWorks or SBCL deployment
  • Play nice w/ MacOSX and Linux desktops

Sys Admin / Production Server Farm Programming

  • Server farm automation and design
  • Agent authoring for monitoring server farms
  • Server upgrades
  • 2yr+ *nix scripting
  • 2yr+ sys-admin experience with Linux
  • 2yr+ Debian Linux
  • 1yr+ C

Student Information System (SIS) Programmer/Analyst

  • Statistical models for assessment and attendance data
  • BI
  • Fuzzy sets or Bayesian style weighting
  • Experience with LISP family
  • Will consider candidates who work primarily with statistics packages such as Mathematica, SAS, Stata, etc.