I had planned a vacation to Brzail for my 5 year anniversary at Microsoft… Then I was offered a new job at SynapticMash which resulted in me resigning.

… But I still went on my vacation …

I am in Curitiba presently and I just made the following video kayaking the Cubatão do Sul in the state of Santa Catarina in the South of Brazil. It is a III+ river. It is the most challenging kayaking experience I have had yet!!!

I didn’t know the river well; I wasn’t with my normal kayaking peeps; I rented a boat that was slightly too small for me from an awesome guy; It was my first time in a creek boat in some time; and I had never run a III+ river before. Wow!!! And while it is not on video, I really did run the waterfall in the movie. I videoed Bruno and scouted the run. Then I went by myself… check it out.

Maurice rented me his boat and is the rock star with the killer tatoo. He is also the guy that I rafted with the day prior and showed me all of the lines. Bruno was my guide the day of. We ended up running the river just the two of us.

The experience was amazing and I hope to go back there next week.
I will post another video of our rafting experiences the day before. If you plan to go to Brazil or if you have been looking for an amazing trip, come to Brazil and hang with the gang at TDA.

Thank you to everyone at TDA for being so awesome.