David Marsee is my lead designer. We were both laughing (and crying) this last week as we designed this.

During this experience we both about fell over laughing when we invented a new special services declaration within the bounds of our office, Marketing as second language or MSL.

While Dave has a great mind for marketing, the majority of the world does not. Ed Guadet, if you are out there, hands off!! He would get bored with your business model anyhow ;)/

Back on topic… when people can not understand marketing, it is painful to even try to explain certain concepts. And when you are sent whitepapers to create what should be a simple message, you can declare that these people need to be put into the MSL program. For the majority of the world that is MSL, I thought I would laugh with you and give you a few lessons on how less is more….

here are my tips… what are yours?

  • the most difficult task is consolidating a page into one sentence that has necessary emotional and intellectual impact. It takes four months and potentially 60K worh to marketing spend to come up with:

build’s excellence in student achievement (copyright, 2008)

  • 800 x 600 is all the information a mind can handle anyhow, so keep the nav unless you are communicating with statisticians
  • 11pt font or larger
  • 508 enabled cause everyone deserves the right to learn and teach
  • the mind pulls to the right of the screen unless something is in the middle to draw the eyes
  • people want simplicity, that is why blogger survives when I have 5 profiles on different social networks.. this is my blog, the other ones s#$% cause they aren’t this simple

Anyhow… kudos to Dave