Joakim Vars Nils articulates in 102 slides (yes a long one) why empowering people is key in marketing. If you don’t have time to go through the deck, I summarize and highlight the best parts of his deck below.

People don’t want to be interrupted by brand advertisement, they want to be engaged. Engaging brands that work within niches will be more successful in the Social Age. People confer with each other about their interests and what to buy. You have to engage the influencers.
“We have gone from scarcity of media to scarcity of attention, which cannot be bought but earned”

Slide 20 – He shows top brands and highlights that only 50% advertise. I have a different conclusion from him on this slide. The most valued brands today in technology do not use advertising. They use viral marketing i.e. they prove their brands worth and let the community market them.
Slides 39-42 – The Mobile internet is the wave of the future, people social network everywhere, videos and social networking are used more important than email
Slide 73 – Great segmentation of the Social Internet (Internet Marketplace, Social Content, Social Networks, Services, You)