Welcome to my new site made beautiful by Danielle Vernelson!

You can now “+1″ and “Like” my pages. Also, this brings together all of my personal and professional interests. If you like what I write about in Tech, subscribe to the tech category of my blog. If you think tech is mumbo jumbo but you love whitewater, subscribe to my kayaking blog.

Sadly, most of my comments, tweets, and likes were lost in the migration of my older sites (formerly http://68bomber.blogspot.com and http://blogs.msdn.com/b/rdias/). A small price to pay to consolidate and rebrand.

Gain a greater understanding of what Vesselhead is all about. Also learn more about my personal thoughts on business and life. If you have any recommendations, please Contact Me, chat with me on Twitter / Google+, or leave a comment.

Why did I make the change?  What technology am I using now?

Many moons ago I had my first blog, I don’t even know the url now. Those thoughts are lost in the Internet ether. Then when I joined Microsoft, I created a blog on MSDN to work within the bounds of that community. In hindsight, this was the right thing to do, but you pay a price when you don’t have your own domain.  When you move on, you leave your followers behind.

For a spell I was maintaining a blogger site. Then one day I was inspired to create a new web-site after meeting David Rusenko of Weebly, an awesome developer and good friend of my nephew. I was impressed by what he was doing with Weebly and it inspired me to create the v1 of Vesselhead. Sadly, I ran into some stumbling blocks and found I was spending more time managing Weebly than I was my site. I decided to re-evaluate my options.  I wish the Weebly team a lot of luck moving forward and believe if you want to build an online store, it’s a powerful and simple way to do it.

Over the past year, I have evaluated sites like Tumblr (too closed – i want to own my content), SquareSpace (lockin), and many others. In the end, WordPress won out. Why? The design and developer community around it. It just made my life easier without compromising the power that I want. It is established and I don’t see the tech going away anytime soon. I can count on plugins that will support new device architectures like the iPad. Let’s see if it lives up to my expectations.