As Q2 comes to a close, Wall Street and private investors like myself are closely watching shifts in the mobile computing market. I just read a great blog post that covers the current state of affairs for the Mobile device market and retail storefronts.

I summarize the current state of affairs here:

  • RIM (now reporting drop in units sold instead of just lost share)
  • Nokia (in a state of civil war with MeeGo vs. Win Phone 7 partnership)
  • Microsoft (retailers sabotaging sales in US) are in trouble.
  • Meanwhile Apple is rumored to have gone back to the drawing board to get the iPhone 5/September release out.
  • Is it possible that the Carriers could challenge Apple and make them remove their virtual SIM technology? Apple is also rumored to be releasing an emerging market phone.
  • Meanwhile, Android keeps plodding along to achieve world dominance with HTC and Samsung leading the device sales.
  • Does HP have a future in licensing Web OS?