The Connected Systems Infrastructure track is almost finalized (minor tweaks may occur btwn now and then) for Tech Ed 2005.  We have an exceptional line-up of speakers.  This year’s event promises to give you the tools to build powerful connected systems on the Microsoft platform that can integrate with third party systems.

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Track Abstract:

Connected Systems are becoming pervasive as a result of current economic and technological drivers for companies to be more agile, drive down costs, and integrate heterogeneous, globally dispersed systems.  New applications no longer live in single process or machine silos.  Applications need to be designed to be a part of a connected network of services to build systems that span multiple machines and reach beyond corporate firewalls.  Also, in order to increase an organization’s agility when responding to market and changing strategic requirements, the information flow between services that carry out these business operations must be streamlined.

The Connected Systems Infrastructure track is designed to help you understand how to design, implement, secure, deploy, and manage connected systems on the Microsoft platform for automating your companies information flow to achieve streamlined operations and greater levels of business agility.  Architects, Developers, and IT Operators will learn about our existing and next generation distributed systems technologies for building Connected Systems covering the Windows Server System, Visual Studio .NET and the .NET Framework (ASP.NET, MSMQ, .NET Remoting, Enterprise Services, WSE), business process management with BizTalk Server, integration of IBM mainframe and midrange systems with Host Integration Server, integration of retail systems with Commerce Server, and our unified messaging infrastructure for Longhorn, Indigo.

Track Lineup:

The Distributed Systems Lineup using core .NET Framework technologies

Connected Systems technologies and the .NET Framework, When to use What? by Steve Swartz

Making sense of Web Services and Microsoft’s Roadmap by Rebecca Dias

Top ten hands-on tips and tricks for implementing ASP.NET Web Services by Tim Ewald

Introducing System.Transactions and new Features by Juval Lowy

Retry, Abort, Cancel? Appropriate Handling of Tx Failures in Connected Systems Application Code by Clemens Vasters

What’s New for Web Services Developers in Visual Studio 2005 and the .NET Framework 2.0 by John Bristowe

Not Really Complicated Asynchronous Messaging Techniques and Technologies by Clemens Vasters

Beyond the Wizards – A Practical Approach to Web Services Security with WSE by Michele Leroux Bustamante

What’s new in Web Services Enhancements (WSE) 3.0? by Mark Fussell

Optimizing Scalability, Performance and Availability with Systems Built on the .NET Framework by Ingo Rammer

Metadata Soup: Contracts, Models, and Types by Don Box

My Home is my Castle: Hosting Apps – Why you care about Threads, AppDomains, and Processes by Christian Weyer

Web Services Interoperability by Simon Guest

Versioning services and contracts on the .NET Framework by Don Smith

Advanced Serialization by Doug Purdy


Troubleshooting Connected Systems on the .NET Framework by Shy Cohen and Richard Turner

Designing Connected Applications with the .NET Framework and an eye on the future by Doug Purdy

Building Secure, Reliable, Transacted Communication on .NET today with an eye on the future by Steve Swartz

Programming with  System.Net v2.0: API’s You Need to Quickly Build Robust Network Applications by Chad Mumford

Introduction to Web Services by Yasser Shohoud


And the Business Process Integration Lineup

Microsoft’s Integration Technologies, When to use What? by Scott Woodgate

Expanding your .Net development portfolio with BizTalk Server by Aaron Skonnard

Advance Orchestration Designs Using BizTalk Server by Erik Leaseburg

Advanced Service Orientation in BizTalk  Server by Yumay Chang

Integrating SharePoint Portal Server with BizTalk Server by Steve Resnick

Implementation of Common Integration Patterns with BizTalk Server by Mike Woods

What’s New in BizTalk Server 2006 Runtime by Jeff Wierer

BizTalk Server 2006 Business Activity Monitoring by John Ballard and Zach Jason

Deploying, Managing and Monitoring BizTalk Server 2006 Solutions by Goutham Sukumar and Eddie Fusaro

Monitoring and Trouble Shooting BizTalk Server 2006 Solutions by Kris Shankar

BizTalk Server Security Revealed by Wayne Clark

Building and Maintaining a Performant and Healthy BizTalk Solution by Lee Graber

BizTalk Server Capacity Planning by Wayne Clark

Implementing A Rules Engine Solution using BizTalk Server  by Jurgen Willis

Integration Points of Microsoft Business Solutions with BizTalk Server by Matt Milner

Strategies and Tactics for Interoperability Using BizTalk Server  by Alex Cobb

Commerce Server 2006 & Beyond: In-Depth Look by Ryan Donovan

Connected Commerce: ERP & Trading Partner Integration with CS2006 & BTS2006 by Caesar Samsi

Securely & Reliably Deploying Connected Commerce Infrastructure  by Max Akbar

Delivering Services Oriented Architectures for Distributed Host Systems by Paul Larsen

Identity Integration using Host Integration Server and BizTalk Server by Anil Balakrishna

Architecting Enterprise Integration Solutions using Host Integration Server 2006 by Paul Larsen