What?  How is it possible that Tech Ed is sold out so soon?  Well, I am glad I was forcing people to get their registrations in and book their hotels to staff the Connected Systems Infrastructure (CSI) track.

I just gave my first solo keynote in Toronto at VSLive today.  It was a great experience even though the RM portion of my demo gave me a hiccup.  Thanks to some magical defragmenting of my drive with Brian Randell I updating the bits on my computer and installing the latest and greatest Whidbey bits on my little Sony VAIO so that my customer visits and conference events in NY next week will run smoothly with the latest instance of the healthcare demo provided by identity mine.

From now until Tech Ed, I expect to be underwater writing a paper, preping my talk, and making sure the speakers are polished with their content.  So, I bet I will be silent for awile….

        See y’all at Tech Ed.  Be sure to stop by the CSI talks, cabana, and pavillion to say hi.  Yumay and I may be pre-occupied with the caos, but will be happy to see you.