Back in October of last year, I took a full-time position at a company called UC4. It is a brand that you probably never heard of, but it runs a lot of the world you rely on. Imagine if every day, you used a computer but didn’t know Intel was inside. UC4 is a bit like that. They have been around for ~25  years. A quiet hero. In many ways, they are still a start-up… Privately held, consistently profitable, rapidly growing into new segments, challenging big incumbent brands.

Every time you do options trading you use our software. When you use your Visa, Mastercard, AMEX, etc., we are likely involved in the payment processing. You probably wouldn’t know that the leading eCommerce, Social Networking, and Media streaming sites such as eBay, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Netflix rely on us to make you a happy consumer.  We are also crucial part of the process that makes sure your favorite retail stores are stocked with the right goods. We help make sure you get home loans.

So what exactly do we do?  We provide solutions for Process Automation.  In a nutshell, we help IT optimize both Business and IT Processes.  The more services you rely on on your cell phones, tablets, and other devices that use the applications in the cloud; the larger the burden on data centers become. We make IT capable of handling that ever increasing demand and complexity. We do important things like move big data.  We schedule resources. We horizontally scale more than any other workload automation and orchestration platform and provide governance and control systems to make sure the right information and services are available to the right people at the right time. We enable disaster recovery between massive data centers. Think of us like the nervous system that empowers IT Operations to deliver messages from the hands to the brain.

Our systems are intelligent. Very intelligent. We help make IT a strategic business partner in any organization.

So here is to a new era of blogging.

I will start to highlight some of the current industry challenges and how UC4 solves those customer challenges.