This morning, on my way to work, it was announced that Microsoft bought Skype for an astounding $8 billion clams. Now one has to wonder why they would make such a big purchase for a voice internet product that was tossed by eBay, taken on by private equity and resold again to the highest bidder.

Microsoft’s cash cow product Office comes to mind by integrating Skype into the presence of the Office system, but you could also integrate with Xbox, Windows Phone too. Go to the cloud and its a SDK to add as a feature capability with Office 365 and Azure . But, what is the real reason Microsoft bought Skype?

For all those other customers that don’t have Exchange and Microsoft Lync, Skype audiences will now have the luxury to detect their friends presence when they work and play in Live and Office Live, cool. Another reason, 600 million users  is a lot of subscribers to expose the Microsoft platform and increase their social anchoring in a huge way.