We just waited for 2 hours for my friend’s computer to be backed up by Windows Vista. Sadly, the tool was too pathetic to tell us ahead of time that there was not enough room on his drive for all selected files. I am helping him by trying to wipe his computer clean after getting malware. Unreal!

A few weeks ago, my brother Mark asked me where he can join the ‘I hate Windows Vista’ fan club. I responded sarcastically with “Get in line at the Mac store.”

My entire family traditionally was a Windows family where programming and gaming ruled. Realize that I am the last of 14 and have over 40 nieces and nephews. Also, my family grew up in the Bay Area and are all nerds. My cousin invented a piece of the hard drive and my father worked at IBM for 40 years. He is 90 now. My family is slowly but surely becoming a Mac family. Not a good sign.

I am a Microsoft shareholder but that will not stop me from being critical. I have been waiting to upgrade my PC for Windows 7. I considered Windows Vista to be a hog with little to know extra value. Sure integrated search was nice but seriously you could have that functionality on XP with google indexer.

I have been told, it doesn’t suck as much as Windows Vista. It is very sad to read an article where Michael Dell explains that you will “love your PC again.” It is sad and frustrating to say the least.

But I am actually hopeful and excited. I get a new Windows 7 box in an hour. Full side by side comparisons of OSX and Win7 to come.