Tech Ed is closing in and Yumay and I want to know your requirements for the Connected Systems Infrastructure track.  What critical talks would you like us to cover?  There will be a marriage of solutions oriented talks and feature drilldown talks covering topics like security, management, reliable messaging, transactions, business process management, integration of IBM datacenters, and integration of retail systems.  We will be targeting different talks for IT operators, developers, and architects.  What critical areas would you like us to drill into?  What does the perfect session look like for you?  What challenges are you facing?  What parts of the technology do you need to learn?  Where could you benefit from an expert’s advice?

Here is a draft track abstract:

Connected Systems are becoming pervasive as a result of current economic and technological drivers for companies to be more agile, drive down costs, and integrate heterogeneous, globally dispersed systems.  New applications no longer live in single process or machine silos.  Applications need to be designed to be a part of a connected network of services to build systems that span multiple machines and reach beyond corporate firewalls.  Also, in order to increase an organization’s agility when responding to market and changing strategic requirements, the information flow between services that carry out these business operations must be streamlined.

The Connected Systems Infrastructure track is designed to help you understand how to design, implement, secure, deploy, and manage connected systems on the Microsoft platform for automating your companies information flow to achieve streamlined operations and greater levels of business agility.  Architects, Developers, and IT Operators will learn about our existing and next generation distributed systems technologies for building Connected Systems covering the Windows Server System, Visual Studio .NET and the .NET Framework (ASP.NET, MSMQ, .NET Remoting, Enterprise Services, WSE), business process management with BizTalk Server, integration of IBM mainframe and midrange systems with Host Integration Server, integration of retail systems with Commerce Server, and our unified messaging infrastructure for Longhorn, Indigo.